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There are those that are born to be Pick-Up Artists and those that need to work at it. No matter which of those two you are, there is one very specific quality that all future artists must have – confidence. There are varying degrees of confidence, though, and what level of confidence you give off is typically the ultimate determination as to where you stand on the Pick-Up Artist “food chain”. Are you all the way at the bottom acting as the fodder that other artists can feed off of, or are you at the top, the Alpha Male in the world of Pick-Up Artists? If you’re finding yourself more towards the bottom of the evolutionary chart, you can work your way up to that coveted Alpha status, which, when achieved, can be the ultimate aphrodisiac for the women you’re seeking.

Much like with a pack of wolves, the Alpha Male in the world of Pick-Up Artistry must be as confident as possible. He must be able to step up to any situation with the attitude that he will succeed no matter what. In regards to confidence, though, there is such a thing as “over confident”, and obnoxiously cocky is one thing the Alpha Male should not be. To portray yourself as the alpha, when you approach a woman you must be able to show that you’re 100% comfortable with yourself. If you show any indication that, in the back of your head, you’re thinking of anything negative about yourself, you can loose that Alpha Male status rather quickly.

As stated before, the Alpha Male shouldn’t be cocky to the point of it being obnoxious. He should, however, have some level of cockiness to be able to stroll up to the most gorgeous girl in the club and flat out tell her what he wants. It’s being able to take control of a situation that gives the Alpha Male the status he has. The danger of the situation going awry should be the drive that pushes you to take such an action, not the deterrence that forces you to cower in the corner.

The Alpha Male must also have a voice all his own. When you speak as the Alpha, you must sound like you’re using your own words and not something you pulled from a Reader’s Digest. Playing off of the importance of confidence, you should be able to spout through a routine (or scripted conversation) without it coming off as a pre-determined dialogue.

Most importantly, though, to be the Alpha Male you must believe that you are the Alpha Male. It may not be a truth in many scenarios, but it is a concept that stands strong in the world of the Pick-Up Artist. If you believe you are a strong and confident s.o.b., than there should be nothing in your way of actually being one.

If you can accomplish these few tasks, than you’re well on your way to being an Alpha Male. The key word you need to remember is confidence – for with the right level of confidence, you can have successful game without coming off as obnoxious.

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