Bad Wingman

Bad Wingmen

Bad Wingmen

When you’re striving to be a successful Pick-Up Artist, you need somebody by your side to act as what is known as the “wingman”. Your wingman will play off of you to essentially make you look like the perfect catch. They go into the night knowing that, unless you meet up with twins or a group of girls, they won’t necessarily be going home with someone. Much like in war, they may not get the glory, but the wingman is very much so an important tag along for the prospering Pick-Up Artist. Due to this individual’s role, it is important that you have the right person by your side. When you’re cycling through your list of friends and acquaintances to find the perfect wingman, here are a few personalities you need to just skip over.

The Pompous Jerk

Not known for his subtlety, the pompous jerk could ruin your night with his inability to focus on anyone but himself. As your wingman, it’s his job to play you up a little to make your approach of the evening’s potential mate a bit smoother for you. For someone that tends to think very highly of only themselves, a position as somebody else’s support may prove difficult for them to excel in. If you have a friend that refers to themselves in the third person or is more in love with their biceps than their own flesh and blood, you’ll want to leave them at home.

The Nervous Nelly

What good is a wingman that can barely talk to his own sister without getting shaky knees? You need someone that has no problem approaching a new person, no matter how attractive they may be. The ability to talk coherently without stuttering or stumbling nervously over words is also an imperative trait. Few girls will want to get to know someone who hangs out with socially inept people.

Captain Word Vomit

Much like Nervous Nelly, an individual who has a potential to say all the wrong things could only act as a detriment to your cause. Though they may not say anything particularly insulting to the evenings catch, their inability to stop the flow of words streaming from their brain to their lips could lead to some interestingly bad openers. You can expect somebody who suffers from chronic word vomit to have a drink or two thrown in their faces throughout the course of the night. This person is also known as having been diagnosed with “foot-in-mouth” syndrome.

The Jealous Girl Friend

Some nights you may want to bring a girl friend along with you. Outside of being good company for the night, a female companion could help in providing a different perspective to the people you may have in your sights. The whole evening could go awry, though, if your girl friend either secretly wants to be something more or has a problem not being the only female influence in your life. Typically, female wingmen are able to set aside any emotions for your greater good, but jealousy is a strong emotion that can easily overcome the most “together” individuals.

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