Best Pickup Artists

Best Pickup Artists

Best Pickup Artists

If you want to double your dating and really impress your friends with your ability to pick up beautiful women, it’s time to take some advice from some of the best pickup artists in the world. Men like Mystery, Tyler Durden, and Matador know exactly what to say to woman to win her over instantly. Learn more about the best pickup artists in the world and how they have risen to the top.


Erik Von Markovich, better known as Mystery, is a longtime member of the famous seduction community and he is well-recognized for his systemic method of picking up beautiful women. He created an indirect style used in ‘The Mystery Method’ in which the pickup artist would go from different levels of attraction, seduction, and comfort to win over a woman. His seduction methods are commonly used today.

Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden is a well-known pickup artist who founded his own dating company, Real Social Dynamics, after a falling out with Mystery and Style. His style is a more natural approach to picking up women, and with his crew, he teaches men the art of seduction through boot camps and conferences. Tyler Durden is a controversial figure and main character in the book, ‘The Game’, and frequents the pickup artist message boards.


Matador is best known as Mystery’s wingman on VH1’s ‘The Pickup Artist’. Although that is where he got his start, he has his own unique suave, yet cocky, sense of style and form of seduction. He always has Mystery’s back but is not afraid to swoop under the radar to go after his own beautiful woman.


SwinggCatt is a longtime member of the seduction community. He is well-known for his method of ‘Prizing’ in which the pickup artist places a high value onto himself. Instead of placing the woman on a pedestal, SwinggCatt teaches men to see themselves as the prize, making women see you as more attractive. He is constantly on the Top Ten Pick-up Artist list for Thundercat.


Wayne Elise, better known as Juggler, is one of the best teachers of the natural direct game. He was initially a comedian, but now has a huge following as a pickup artist and coach. Juggler has coached many famous pickup artists, including Dimitri, SocialHitchhiker, and Johnny Savior. Juggler has been featured on the television show, Seduction School.


Neil Strauss, or Style, is the king of the unnatural approach to picking up women. He is the author of the bestselling book, The Game, as he chronicles his journey from a dateless chump to one of the world’s best pickup artists. Style was once a student of Mystery’s, but turned into a coach as he became more skilled with methods of picking up beautiful women.

These pickup artists are the best of the best, having the fearless ability to pick up women successfully and without hesitation. They use a series of routines to get a woman’s attention before moving in and ultimately winning her over. If you’re looking for coaching from some of the world’s best pickup artists, these are the men you want to turn to.

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