Day Game

Day Game PUA

Day Game PUA

Trying to pick up a girl during the day may actually be a much harder task than it would be at night. At night booming music, alcohol, and a general party vibe might be enough, but when trying to pick up a girl during the day, you’re going to need to have a much more meticulous routine than what you may have for your night game.

What makes the day game typically much more difficult is the fact that, depending on where you are, it may be harder to determine who is approachable during the day. If you’re not in a social gathering like a community barbecue, you’ll have to look for telltale signs that will be your determining factors as to whether the girl is approachable or not.

Mannerisms, attire, and accessories are key. Somebody who has their head buried in their phone may be looking to avoid all forms of conversation while a woman who is taking in the local sites and wandering aimlessly may actually appreciate somebody showing her around a bit. During the day, body language can be a bit harder to read than in a nighttime social environment. Sometimes you do have to take a shot in the dark; for example, a woman carrying groceries to her car. What better opportunity could you have to not only show off your confidence, but also out it out there that you’re a bit of a gentleman.

Much like with your night game, your day game will require some set routines. Since the environments in which you may come across your catch can vary greatly during the day, it’s best if you have numerous and differing routines on hand. What may work on a girl sitting on a park bench with a book may not play off so well on somebody who is simply new in town or lost. Have a variety of routines ready and at your disposal to ensure that your day game is just as successful as your night.

One thing that shows far more when you approach a woman during the day rather than at night in a social setting is your confidence level. While men are privy to eyeing up their catch in the light of day, they tend to stray away from making conversation unless the environment is fit for a little one-on-one dialogue. If you approach a woman during the day, it shows that you’re willing to take risks that most men just simply are not.

Successfully completing Pick-Up Artist training is no easy feat, especially when things start to leave the comforting environments of the typical nightclub, bar, or lounge. Trust your instincts, though, and you’ll have a day game that is just as successful as any Pick-Up Artist’s night game.

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