Gaming a Girl

Gaming a Girl

You may have swagger and rugged good looks, but without intellectual capacity, you’ll most likely fail as a pick-up artist. Women can tell when you’re just looking to score, and even if that is your intent, don’t let her know that. It’s all in the illusion that you present to women. Even if you’re not all that interesting, not overly sexy, or even charming, you can still succeed as a master PUA when you build up your ‘game’. Pick-up artists use a combination of lines, routines, and tricks to get a girl interested before using his window of opportunity to bring her home. If you’re looking to ‘game a girl’, there are a few things that you need to know.

Types of Game

Before you can go out and score a hot chick, you need to realize that there is more than one type of ‘game’ that master pick-up artists use. The first type involves a series of stories or routines that are often rehearsed and told to a targeted woman. Each routine is crafted to intrigue and impress a woman, making them feel a sense of attraction to the pick-up artist. Guys like Mystery and Neil Strauss fall into this category.

The other type of game is what most pick-up artists refer to as a “natural method” of picking up women. Instead of routines, these men rely on their own natural charisma and personality to attract women. Master pick-up artists like the Juggler use spontaneous stories or engaging conversation instead of material that has been memorized. This is often a more rewarding method as the girl likes you for who you are.

Inner Game

What is even more important than what type of ‘game’ you prefer is your focus on your inner game. “Inner game” refers to your level of self-confidence and belief in yourself to succeed. If you have low self-esteem or feel shy or unattractive, you may never find the courage to approach a desirable woman. The key is to provide yourself with power, making her feel as if she must work to get you. No need to be arrogant, just confident.

It’s important to understand that women and men are very different creatures. You might as well throw logic out the window, as most women think with their emotions. Women do not respond to the same type of tactics that men do, making it more challenging to fully understand what builds attraction. These triggers are not always clear-cut and it will take time to hone your PUA skills.

Try, Try Again

So you’ve gotten shut down dozens of times? So what? – Get back out there again. If you’ve made the decision to become a pick-up artist, you can’t let a handful of rejections get you down. More than 90 percent of women you talk to will not be attracted to you emotionally, intellectually, or physically. Each time you get a rejection, use it as a learning experience and determine what you can do better in the future. Then, go out there and get the next girl.

Get Started

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