How to Become a Pickup Artist

How to become a pick up artist

How to become a pick up artist

How is it that some men – even those that are not that good looking or rich – can get any woman they want? It’s not a magic pickup line or well-kept secret. What these men have discovered is the art of seduction. So called “pickup artists” have found exactly how to talk to a woman on an emotional level to get their attention. The masters of the seduction community, such as Mystery or Neil Strauss, have paved the way for ordinary men to become legendary pickup artists. Anyone can learn the tricks to becoming one.

Select a Style of Seduction

Before you can become a pickup artist, you will need to choose a coach and a style of training. Some PUAs offer help with routines on attracting women at bars or nightclubs. Others, like Jeremy Soul, prefer to teach the routines of “day game” where men can learn how to pick up women in shopping malls, bookstores, and coffee shops. The right mentor will provide you with the skillset needed to take on women in any location.

Read Articles and Books

To gain more insight on the industry of pickup artists, read all the articles and books you can on the subject. Many men have found success as a pickup artist after reading Neil Strauss’s bestselling book “The Game.” There are plenty of content that can put you in the zone for picking up women. “Essential Wingman Tips” by Billy Conroy or “The Mystery Method” are also good reads. Try the techniques you’ve learned from the books and find ways to improve your game.

Practice All You’ve Learned

To become as successful pickup artist, you must practice what your coach has taught you and set realistic goals. Don’t be afraid of setbacks, and simply brush yourself off and try again. PUA routines are scripted material that can be used to pick up girls and advanced your skills. These are known as valuable “training wheels” for learning the structure and overall flow of the game.

Rehearse several routines to improve your confidence in social situations. Learn the proper introductions for picking up a girl, such as a cold reading, which is a technique when the pickup artist uses seemingly true statements about the woman without actually knowing her, similar to how some psychics pull information from their client. The five questions game or backhanded compliments can also draw her in.

The key to becoming a successful pickup artist is to obtain the right training. Not everyone makes a good pickup artist or have the means to become a great teacher. Try to differentiate between coaches who are simply motivators and those that provide you with the tools to become successful, such as routines and structure. To become a true pickup artist, one must work outside his comfort zone, listen to his coach’s advice, and be willing to push himself. Modern pickup artists no longer rely on special lines or behavior, but teach the natural way to attract women.

Get Started

Ready? Next step is to choose right PUA training option based on your budget and location, you can browse through the options by selecting one these categories: