How to Become a Pickup Artist

How to Become a Pickup Artist

How to Become a Pickup Artist

A pickup artist, commonly referred to as a PUA, is a method of changing your behavior, confidence, and the way you talk to women to learn how to get women to notice you. Becoming a pickup artist is more than learning tricks to get women to notice you and want to get to know you better, it is about learning how to be a more confident person and be comfortable talking to women to get better at picking them up. You will learn a variety of tips for talking, acting, carrying yourself, and dating, that will make you the next best pickup artist.

Do Your Research

Part of being a pickup artist is learning about the proper tips, tricks, and techniques. You can get a lot of information from books and podcasts dedicated to being a pickup artist. In fact, the method of becoming a pickup artist started with several dating advice books and books on how to pick up women including “The Game” by Neil Strauss, “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene, and “101 Essential Wingman Tips” by Billy Conroy. Read books dedicated to being a pickup artist and learn from the best. Other types of books that will be helpful are those on body language and psychology.

Pickup Artist Training

You can go one step further in learning how to be a pickup artist by taking a training course. No matter where you live, you are bound to find a local training course for hopeful pickup artists. Not only will the lessons go beyond what you can find in books, but you will be able to network with others looking to do the same thing. You may have just met the perfect wingman.

Choose a Style of Seduction

When you begin studying pickup tips and techniques, you will notice that there are a variety of seduction styles and methods out there. Now it’s time to make a decision on which style you will choose. This includes picking up women at bars and clubs, or spending the day working on your seduction skills such as the park beach, mall, bookstores, or cafes. Typically, your choice will vary depending on where you like to spend your time. Not only will this sway your decision because it’s easier to pick up women where you are already spending time, but you will also have more in common and more to talk about.

Find Your Confidence

Every man has something to be confident of, whether it’s your body, your mind, or a combination of both. Try to find your confidence so that you carry yourself like someone who has something to offer women. The number one most important trait when being a pickup artist is having confidence, even if you’re used to being shy or weak around women. When you feel confident, it shows when you’re talking to women.

Remain Positive

Another important trait of a pickup artist is to be positive, even when you have setbacks. Becoming an expert pickup artist isn’t going to happen overnight. You have to be patient and learn from what you read. Follow your books or pickup artist training courses, follow their advice, and just go for it. If you let a setback hold you back, you will never make it. Be positive, ignore people’s judgments, and remain confident and positive.

Get Started

Ready? Next step is to choose right PUA training option based on your budget and location, you can browse through the options by selecting one these categories: