How to Game a Girl

How to game a girl

How to game a girl

You’ve accomplished the difficult task of approaching her and getting her attention. Whether it was your look and style or the way you sauntered up to her, you’ve got her exactly where you need her. Now, where do you go from here to effectively game your target girl for the evening? Do you simply open your mouth and hope the words coming out are something that interests her, or do you let what she doesn’t know about you drive the conversation? To game a girl to the point of her wanting to rip your clothes off, you need to get and keep her intrigue.

To get and keep a girls attention, you need to be as mysterious as possible without creeping her out. Let on as little information about yourself as you can without giving her too much insight into you. If you can get her to ask herself “Who are you”, than you’re working in the right direction. If your dialogue is going in the right direction, chances are she’s going to wind up asking you quite directly for your true identity – what you do and what your interests are. As much as you want to divulge her in this information, this is the kind of stuff you’re going to keep to yourself for the duration of your interaction. This will keep her all the more intrigued and interested in you and will make you the most interesting person she’s every met.

You’ll be able to tell when you have her beneath the tip of your finger when she starts dishing out question after question. This indicates her intrigue in you and her desire to get to know you better. How you answer or how you choose to ignore these questions will determine how quickly you’ll be able to get her into your bed (or get you into hers).

As she’s asking questions, though, you need to make sure you keep making moves on her. When she questions you, make an advancement on her. Ask her a question to counter her questions for you and let her know that you’re just as interested in her as she is in you. Throughout all of this, be sure to pull the best of what you have from your routine and use it on her. Don’t let it just be a one sided conversation or she’ll think she’s talking to a brick wall. Keep her engaged and keep her thinking about what she can do to get to know you better; just make sure you don’t let her get to know you better.

Gaming a girl isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but once you get a hang of being interesting and mysterious and keeping her intrigued, you’re already halfway to getting into bed with her. Just be sure not to let on too much about yourself if you have embarrassing hobbies like collecting stamps – stuff like that can be a huge turn off.

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