How to Get Laid Guide

How to get laid guide

How to get laid guide

You may deny it just to not seem like a sleaze, but there is only one reason you aim to join the ranks of the Pick-Up Artist elite – to get laid. All of this training may seem like a lot of work just to get into the pants of some random girl you may never see again, but it’s certainly worth not living a life of solitude with your best friend Rosie Palms. When you started your Pick-Up Artist training, you learned that confidence is the key to everything. Beyond confidence, though, there are other factors that you need to work on before you can successfully turn your game into the perfect method of getting laid.

The wingman is an important part of your life as an artist for two reasons: One, they will make your approach that much easier; and two, you will have a third party available to help point out all of your downfalls. Do you talk to fast? Does your voice need just a slight bit of a tone adjustment? Do you need to purchase a better wash for your oily face? They say that you are your biggest critic, but in this world that is not always the truth. You may look at yourself and think you’re a genuine Rico Suave, meanwhile you may have an overgrown unibrow and facial hair that resembles that of a homeless man. Get an outsiders opinion; find yourself a mentor who has been a part of the game for a while and is aware of what you’ll need to change to be the ultimate “predator”. Listen willingly and take their advice accordingly. If they suggest you where something that is completely out of your comfort zone, try it on and wear it occasionally until you find yourself more comfortable in it.

Once your physical appearance is up to snuff, you should be able to grab your target’s attention without even opening your mouth. Confidence may be the key to being a successful Pick-Up Artist, but without attraction, the game may not even start. Now that you’ve captivated your potential future lay with your charming good looks and stylish mode of dress, it’s your words that will drive the night to a close. The woman will need to be intrigued by you beyond just your looks. This is where your routine – which you should know by heart by now – comes into play. Keep the conversation flowing and keep it dynamic. A dialogue that sticks to one topic has the threat of growing dull, thus loosing her attention. If you can be asking about her hobbies in one breath and than describe what physical features of hers that you like in the next, than you should be able to keep her intrigued with no problem.

Though you’ll be picturing her naked throughout the entire night, you don’t want to let on that your sole purpose of engaging conversation with her is to tear off her clothes. You need to be smooth, you need to be able to take advice, and you need to be a master of conversation to guarantee yourself a night of a little fun between the sheets.

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