Mystery Method

Mystery method

If you know anything at all about pick-up artistry, you know about the Mystery Method. This step-by-step method discusses how men and women choose partners and uses this information as a means for attraction. ‘The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed’, written by Erik von Markovik (Mystery) and Chris Odom, was a groundbreaking book that illustrated the most effective pick-up artist techniques that have been proven highly successful by Mystery and other master pick-up artists. Its primary purpose is based on field work and evolutionary psychology. Mystery has gained international popularity due to his skills with the ladies, but what exactly is the Mystery Method all about?

About the Mystery Method

The Mystery Method is composed into three basic components: Attract, Comfort, and Seduce. Each of these sections are further broken down into step-by-step techniques used to show your confidence and engage the women. For example, attraction includes an opening, followed by a female-to-male attract phase (called “attracting”), and finally a male-to-female attract phase (called “qualifying”). Comfort is made up of a connection, trust, and intimacy. Finally, seduction includes arousal, last-minute resistance, and sex.

According to Mystery, the opening is one of the most important parts when trying to pick up a beautiful woman. There are several different ways a man can initiate a conversation. Never walk straight up to a woman, and instead, come at her at a 45 to 90 degree angle – and never come up behind her. Use body language to show your interest, such as turning your head and looking at her over your shoulder. Mystery suggests having some openers ready for when you approach her. The opening should be less than a minute and simple in content, such as “Did you see that fight outside?”

Once you’ve opened conversation, it’s time to gain her attention. Mystery recommends using “negs” or demonstrating a higher value (DHV) to make you stand out amongst the crowd of guys. This includes skipping out on the cheesy compliments. Successful attraction should take between 2 and 10 minutes. She’ll show interest by continuing to talk to you, asking you questions about yourself, or even touching you. Once she is interested, it’s time to move onto the next phase of the Mystery Method – Qualify.

Most women know when you just want her for her good looks. Your job is to make her see that you like her for beyond her appearance – even if you don’t. Give her compliments that are not about her looks to make her see you’re paying attention. As you speak to a woman, it’s important to build comfort. This can take time, but is essential. For example, arrange to meet up the next day for lunch or a day at the beach. When building comfort, go for fun over sexual.

Seduction is the part of the Mystery Method that is the most difficult, but the most rewarding. When seducing a woman, it’s important to do so in a location that is appropriate, not a restaurant or mall. The goal is to make her feel wanted, swept away, and seduced – not slutty. The art of seduction is not easy, and takes time to work up the confidence to succeed.

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