Pick Up Artist How to Guide

pick up artist how to guide

pick up artist how to guide

To say that women love spontaneity is an understatement. Thanks to this affinity for things that just kind of “happen”, the game of being a Pick-Up Artist has grown more and more difficult over time. To approach someone with a certain naturalness that leads them to believe that “fate” has brought you two together is no easy task and is one that will take time and effort to accomplish. In this How to Guide, you will learn how to make that first connection a serendipitous one – one that will leave the girl “knowing” that your meeting was simply by chance.

While you’re going to walk into an establishment like a nightclub, bar, or lounge knowing that you’re going to have a end-target in mind, you won’t know who that person is until you lay your eyes on them. You can use this moment of uncertainty to your advantage. Once your eyes set sight on the girl you plan on going after, you can play up your interactions form afar. A glance here, a stare there – so long as you don’t creep her out, you’re better off starting your game at a distance. Rush up to her, and you risk giving her the idea that, from the beginning, you planned on just interacting with the first attractive girl you set your sites on.

The tricky part comes in once you make verbal contact. You’re locked into a conversation with her, and while you may have your routine set up, you need it to come off as natural. Nothing stiff or stale, or you’re going to turn her off to the moment. Your routine also needs to be solid. When you’re trying to play your game on a gal, you cannot waver in any way. At this stage in the game, you should be well aware that confidence is the key to the whole night; and the more confident you are, the better your interaction is going to go.

So, you’ve made contact, you’ve got your routine in place, and she seems genuinely interested in your company. It’s time to turn this dialogue into a scene from a romantic novel. Don’t lay on the mushy things you’d text your girlfriend, though. You need to be subtle and on point. You need to make her heart flutter with just the bat of an eyelash. How do you accomplish this? You can start by bringing the dialogue to the point where friendly touches would be welcomed. Nothing sexual, and make sure you start off small. A graze of her shoulder, a pleasant touch of her knee. These will make her feel comfortable, and this display of showing off just how comfortable you are around her will give her that “butterflies in the stomach” feel that they look for in a man.

Three key things are important when trying to give an encounter a serendipitous feel: Confidence, Comfort, and Practice. Make sure your routine is solid, to the point where you could recite it by memory a month later. Get the girl to trust you early on, and you’ll give her that “story book” feel she’s been searching for.

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