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As with American women, the women you'd find in Australia have a thing for men with accents. Luckily for you, being an outsider Down Under is going to give you an advantage over the other men looking to score on your targeted woman. Beyond the accent, though, you may have to adjust your game slightly when trying to score with an Australian gal. Where-as American women may like the game of "cat and mouse" and may be more inclined to act coy at your advances, Australian women can be surprisingly upfront. If you try to play your typical game, you may find yourself being intimidated by the forwardness of these foreign beauties.

In an American venue, you may be able to get away with an indirect game that only hints at what your end game truly is. You'll waver on the border of being upfront with what you want, but it will always be a concept that's never spoken out loud. In a country like Australia, this tactic is bound to just annoy your lady. When dealing with women of a different culture, you need to consider the fact that your routine may need to change drastically.

When you approach an Australian woman, you need to be direct with what you're aim is. Sure, you don't want to approach somebody and have the first words out of your mouth be "I want you naked" (though, it may be worth a try one night), but your routine of casual conversation and innocent dialogue is certainly going to need to be shortened. Get her to a point of just being comfortable with you and switch gears drastically. Not only should she appreciate how direct you are, but you may find that she'll fire back with the same level of forwardness.

As with any country, the key to your success is in your confidence level. While a less pompous level of confidence will serve you well with women of your own culture, the women in Australia may appreciate your ability to remain confident while laying all of your cards out on the table. Stay calm and cool through everything you say; tell her exactly what you want to do with her and how you plan on getting her to that point. If your voice can remain smooth and unwavering as you do this, you can guarantee that you'll be bringing home a pair of foreign panties as a souvenir.

While it may force you to step outside of your comfort zone, being direct towards Australian women is your sure-fire way of truly going "down under". Before you even attempt your direct approach, run through your routine thoroughly. The moment she shows even the slightest bit of comfort in your company, it's time to switch gears and let her known exactly why you've approached her. In Australia it's best to be direct, not discreet.