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Never has there been a country whose women could match the beauty of a golden goddess from Brazil. These exotic beauties may be gorgeous enough to come off as intimidating to most, but as a Pick-Up Artist in training, you should be able to keep your cool around them. In this South American country, the concept of the PUA Brazil is not a popular one, which could either work to your benefit or hinder your advancements. For the typical trainee Pick-Up Artist, though, Brazil should act as the perfect place to practice your techniques and to put your wingman to the ultimate test.

Some people make the analogy that all beautiful women are less than bright, but in Brazil that method of thinking will only leave you in the dirt. You'll need to practice your game very carefully before you approach your "big catch" of the evening. To ensure you have the proper approach, you'll want a wingman that knows what he's doing and knows what to say. Your wingman will need to perfect his accomplishment intro just as much as you, as the Pick-Up Artist, will need to perfect your follow-up approach.

When deciding on a wingman, you will want someone that can effectively represent not only you, but also the crowd you hang around with. If your wingman gives off the impression that you're hanging with an unfavorable crowd, than you'll be looking at turned heads before you know it. Your wingman, whether male or female, should also only be there to fulfill your needs. A wingman that's looking for their own Brazilian beauty to take home will only wind up focusing on their own wants and desires – completely disregarding any help they're supposed to be to you.

The "accomplishment intro" is an essential part of the evening and, if done incorrectly, could be the difference between scoring and falling flat. As the wingman, your friend of choice will need to talk you up and brag on your behalf without sounding both forced and completely fake. He will need to scope out the catch of the evening to make sure he says the right things and doesn't bring up anything that could potentially turn them off. By the time your wingman is done with his introduction of you, you should glow in the eyes of your target. You'll still have to do some work on your behalf, but the wingman takes care of one of the more difficult tasks of the evening – the approach. After the approach is a success, the rest of the interaction should go off fairly smooth.

The biggest downfall of PUA in training is their overconfidence. You want to exude a certain level confidence – anything more and you'll come off simply as pompous. Especially with the Brazilian beauties you'll be chasing after, who know that they could get any man they want. With an effective wingman and a leveled confidence, you will have no problem finding out what a Brazilian wax truly is at the close of the night.