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When your plane first lands in a foreign country like China, you mind find yourself experiencing a mixed rush of nervousness and anticipation. You may have prepped yourself a head of time by learning as much as you could about their culture and language, but you'll still find yourself a tad intimidated by the new world you've stepped into. Unfortunately, partially due to the nature of your visit, you're going to have to get over your unease. No Pick-Up Artist has been successful without being and appearing comfortable. Luckily for you, being an American in a place like China gives you an immediate advantage to your game. With this Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) already in place, you should find no problems in getting into the pants of one of these foreign hotties.

While the accent may not have as much of an impact in China as it did in Australia, you've got the added benefit of being a man in a society dominated by men. Sure, you still have to work at your game, but you definitely will not have to work as hard as you would on an American girl. While you shouldn't expect to walk up to a woman and woo her off her feet with absolutely no effort, you will be able to give a good chunk of your routine a break for this game.

Dominance is key on your travels with China's gorgeous women. If you can convey the fact that you are a dominant male who is willing to take what he wants without question, you should find your suitcase packed with negligee souvenirs before your trip is even half through. With dominance oozing from your pours, you should expect to have plenty of same-night lays, a trick that takes plenty of effort in your native land. If you can tack on a successful demeanor, there's no chance that you won't be surrounded by women.

Your game should start off with light conversation, just enough to get her to a state of comfort in your presence. Once you see that she's loosened up a bit – which really shouldn't take long at all – its time to start laying it on thick. Work your way into telling her what you want and how you want it. Get her to feel overpowered by you almost to the point of being helpless to your wants and desires. Be direct with what you want and don't beat around the bush. Unlike with American girls, who really need that connection before giving into you, you won't need to focus on pleasantries and compliment-ridden dialogue, so don't try to recycle your usual routine here.

Your whirl-wind tour of the world is going to show you that being a Pick-Up Artist requires different skill sets with each new location you visit. You need to adapt to what their culture is used to or else you'll find yourself alone most nights.