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Las Vegas is arguably one of the world's best arenas for meeting and picking up beautiful women. It is also home to a host of the best PUA trainers, many of whom have vast experience picking up girls at bars, clubs, casinos, and other venues around Sin City. The great thing about picking up women in Las Vegas is the wide assortment of girls. As a pickup artist in training, you can literally enter hundreds of different sets and practice your technique. Make a mistake? No problem. Chances are you'll never see them again and there are plenty of places to practice elsewhere. Going to Las Vegas to engage in pickup artist training has become a popular method, as you can remain totally anonymous and let loose during your stay.

Consider This

There are several things you should consider before hitting up the clubs for PUA in Las Vegas. It's best to visit Vegas on a weekend, so try to arrive on a Thursday night and leave on a Monday. The best nights to go out in Vegas are Thursdays and Sundays, as this is when you'll find a great mix of industry people and travel guests. When it comes to selecting a hotel, don't be too cheap. The girl that you pick up certainly doesn't want to stay at a 1-star hotel where there are plenty of 5-star hotels available in Las Vegas. You can also increase your chances of picking up a girl by staying at hotels with lounges.

VIP Services

Las Vegas is well-known for its top-notch VIP services. These can be found in the form of a VIP host and bottle service. With either or both of these options, you can up your chances of picking up a girl. Imagine skipping the long line outside the nightclub and walking in with a beautiful woman on your arm. Be sure that you get bottle service in advance with reservations, or you may find yourself waiting for a table. VIP hosts were once reserved for the high rollers, but can now by rented by any average Joe. When you look like a VIP, you gain instant rock star status, thereby making your efforts with the ladies that much easier.

Wing Women

If you don't have a great wing man, you may have something even better, a wing woman. Having a wing woman in Las Vegas is the perfect tool to assist you in meeting other ladies in the clubs. These Las Vegas party girls really up your odds of scoring, as having beautiful ladies around you is quite appealing to other women. It's important to remember that most party girls that you hire require bottle service, so don't forget to add that into your final bill. Wing women have been used by some of the best dating coaches for pickup artists of all time, including Mystery. Las Vegas is a high-powdered city where most ladies are not looking for a long-term relationship, but just a good time. Picking up beautiful women in Las Vegas is all about attitude. Lead the conversation and make her want to continue talking to you by being seductive, persuasive, and someone that every girl in the club wants to talk to.