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It's not uncommon to get sucked into the "Hollywood" atmosphere that comes with spending a night in Los Angeles. You may glimpse a celebrity or two and immediately feel like you're one of them and can accomplish anything you put your mind to. No matter how confident you may be at the start, chances are if you dive in all by yourself, you're going to wind up hitting rock bottom pretty quick. The gorgeous girls of Los Angeles don't want just another dork who thinks he can score without even batting an eyelash. They want someone who can back up their claims of greatness, and the best way to do this is to mix yourself into an impressive social group. Surrounded by the right group of people, you will be an unstoppable force during your Pick-Up Artist training. Who, though, should make up your impressive social circle?

If you're an adventurous person, then you should have no problem finding yourself a group of people to mingle into. You should surround yourself with interesting people, but none that can outshine you without even opening their mouth. Your social circle should eventually revolve around you, so make sure the people you're looking to hang around with share a common interest that you excel in. Do you like to Jet Ski? Work your way into a group with the same interests and then blow them out of the water with your unmatched skills. Once you're at the head of the circle, they'll be able to effectively back you when you're on the prowl.

A person who has interesting friends is bound to be an interesting individual in themselves, so it is imperative that you don't mix yourself up with a group of dullards. Girls will be attracted to a large group that never seems to stop laughing and never seems to run out of stories – and if the bulk of the stories are about you, that's just a welcomed plus. The best part about your newfound popularity is that you'll be finding yourself "competing" with guys who think they can play the game on their own. Being a PUA Los LA, especially one in training, is a joint effort. You may be the one scoring in the end, but when you're just starting out it's difficult to land the girls on your own.

Blind confidence is typically the biggest downfall for most Pick-Up Artists in training. They feel confident in themselves so much so that they feel like they can approach anybody and score. Sometimes it takes a lot more than just confidence to impress a girl enough to suck her into a lengthy conversation with you. You need to seem interesting, and the best way to seem interesting is to put yourself in the midst of an interesting social group.

When you're just starting to play the game of PUA, especially in a city like Los Angeles, you don't want to play it alone. Surround yourself with an abundant group of interesting individuals with a common interest that you excel in. When you're surrounded by interesting people, you suddenly become an interesting person – and when you're at the head of your social circle, you immediately become the most eye catching individual.