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If there is one thing that many Pick-Up Artists in Training don't consider when they're tossing their game about, it's time. As a PUA, the time you have to make your move and successfully make your "catch" is quite limited, especially if you're practicing your game abroad. In a place like South America, you may be treated to the most gorgeous girls you could find on the planet, but you'll also find yourself in a bit of a time crunch; so it is here, in these exotic countries that you're simply passing through, that your time management skills are put to the test. Being a PUA is a lot about getting in and out quickly - both figuratively and literally speaking.

Since you'll clearly want to find yourself on the receiving end of a pair of removed South American panties, there are some PUA South America skills that you'll need to work on and practice. First off, since the women you're likely to encounter are beyond breathtakingly beautiful, you may get a sudden hint of intimidation. This is a feeling you will need to shake off immediately. Showing fear to a women is a lot like running up to a bear and slapping it on the rear - you'll get eaten alive. No matter how beautiful your target is, your approach must exude confidence.

Once you get past the initial awkward stages of initiating conversation, you're going to find yourself faced with many more challenges. The conversation may start on one topic, but it can easily bounce around, so you must be quick on your feet. To stuttering and loosing control of the interaction, you'll want to have routines prepared ahead of time - specific things that you want to say and intriguing conversation starters . These routines will keep the flow of the night going, and if you've got a good handle on them, there won't be any awkward pauses and uncomfortable stares. Subtle touches and key conversations are the typical routines you'll want to have on hand throughout the evening.

Your routine may work in creating an engaging conversation, but clearly you didn't strike up a chat with this vixen just for the small talk. There is an endgame in sight, and it is one that must be considered in any transitions (or routines) you have up your sleeve. Don't let certain aspects of your routine be your downfall, though. If you're uncomfortable with a certain type of conversation, don't let it be included in your routine. One you start to show any signs of discomfort, you can kiss your catch goodbye.

If you can successfully pull off a routine that brings you to the boudoir, than you must have some idea of what you're doing. So, than, you should know that just because she's lying on her bed in front of you with that "come hither" glare doesn't mean your job is over. You have to keep her continuously intrigued so she doesn't come to the grim realization that this is nothing more than a cheap one night stand. While some women are all for that, you never want to take the risk - especially when your hands are just mere inches from the tan skin of a South American hotty.