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Basic Phone PUA Consultation ( 20 min )

Course Detail :

Phone PUA Consultation

Spend 20 minutes online with a PUA Training Coach that can assist you with basic questions you have regarding Pickup techniques. Conceptual Q&A only, session cannot be used for custom stack creation or for an in depth discussion of your sticking points.

  • Identify what your sticking points are. Chances are, you don’t know what you don’t know. This session is not intended to be a diagnosis on how to fix, but at least you will finally have insights to what you are missing in your game.
  • Learn how to apply approach techniques, which can be used in field minutes after the discussion.
  • Get clarity on terminologies that you have been unsure about.
  • Create next steps towards achieving social mastery.
  • Money spent on the consultation can be applied to any of our Bootcamps or 1 on 1 Training Programs at no extra charge.

Fee :

$29 Book or Inquire